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Happy Monday: Quote from Sherri Donghia

Monday, March 31st, 2014

“I dress homes the way I dress myself – layers and collages, bits of old things mixed with new, like a patchwork.

Eclectic style is hard to achieve, but it’s always personal.”

-Textile designer Sherri Donghia


Room designed by Sherri Donghia

Since this quote from designer Sherri Donghia is one of my favorites, I’m leaving you with some fashion and interior images that I feel are great examples of that layered look–old mixed with new.  I believe this is the best way to achieve a “collected” look in your wardrobe and home.


I love the old brass candlesticks, mirror and lantern paired with the new – Image from Shelter


Vintage jewelry mixed with new – image via Pinterest


An aged mirror and collectables paired with modern art and lamps is such a beautiful look – Image from


Layering in fashion – Olivia Palermo – via Pinterest


I love the fact that this antique chair is next to a leopard ottoman in this living area -Image from CJ Dellatore


In this image the collected books and accessories give the space an eclectic feel -Image from


Vintage Hermes bag that can be paired with any new outfit  - image via Pinterest


Antique rug, chair and table combined with a Giacometti-style fixture gives this traditional library a boost - the


And, the post wouldn’t be complete without a little Cartier (mixed with other vintage pieces) – image via Ink 361

Image 2-21-14 at 2.18 PM


Shark Style

Friday, March 28th, 2014

When I found out my fiancé and his best friend had decided we would be shark cage diving in South Africa I immediately said no and yes all at the same time. Me being an avid shark week watcher I was intrigued with a side of terror at this thought.  I knew for weeks this was something we would be doing and the more I read the more I knew I was somewhere between jumping in the cage head first or nailing myself to the boat and going nowhere. We would only be in Cape Town for two full days so not a lot of time to cram in all we wanted. After several calls (most places were booked up) our hotel was able to get us a spot with Marine Dynamics. They were fantastic and I’m so happy that is where we found a home for the day! I’ve never felt more safe and knew we would be well taken care of. The day began at 5:30 am as we had to head out by 6 am to embark on our 2.5 hr drive to Gansbaai and be ready to meet by 8:30 am. Once there we had a little breakfast, watched a little shark video, and literally signed our lives away. I will never forget as the marine biologist read the disclosure that basically said they aren’t responsible for our deaths.


This is where we signed our lives away (I highlighted the wrongful death portion)


So after we all looked at each other and accepted the terms we headed outside to be outfitted with our lovely matching life jackets and bright orange rain coats.


  (Apparently shooting an ad for Volkswagen)


I had been somewhat unsure about this whole idea leading up to this day, but I must say once it arrived there was nothing but excitement.  We got on the boat and set off for Dyer Island which is where we would find our sharks for the day. Once we had found the perfect spot we dropped anchor the chum dispersion began. It didn’t take long for our first sighting and that is when the first 8 took to the cage. The cage is pretty good size and would hold 8 adults at a time. They used a seal decoy as well as fish bait to steer the sharks towards the cage. On a few occasions the sharks actually ran into the cage which caused a little bit of reaction from the people enclosed in the cage as you can imagine.  It was the strangest thing and not something I can even explain looking back, but there was no fear seeing any of this and it all felt completely safe. Even when we got into the freezing cold water and waited there for our visitors there was only excitement. The marine biologist at one point told us to go under the water and start making sheep noises as it would sound like seals to the sharks under the water and bring them to us. Everyone thought she was kidding at first but alas it is true and worked like a charm. The three of us found ourselves leading the charge and yelling 1,2,3 and then all 8 going under water to make sheep noises (and ingesting some chum I’m quite certain).  If I could change one thing on the day it would be the murky waters. There had been storms in the area the previous days so the water was not as clear as we all would have liked. Below are some shots of our news friends!


Here I am all suited up and ready to go with the chum masters behind me (talk about some amazing aroma)


Here are our new friends for the day























This being a fashion blog it only feels right to throw in my shark diving fashion attire complete with red life vest and wet hair.



If you ever get the chance I highly recommend the shark cage diving experience. This trip was most definitely about facing some fears and thankfully I came out alive and better than ever!

Have a great weekend everyone!


It’s Black, It’s White

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

These two colors, although they may be viewed as “boring” to some, are two of the greatest color combo’s.  I tend to gravitate toward these colors in my own home and wardrobe – “Really, how can I go wrong” is what I tell myself.  I sometimes have to take a step back and intentionally choose another color to prove that I’m not so “boring”.  But other times I just embrace the fact that I LOVE black and white.  Together, the two colors marry nicely – Apart, they can stand alone.  Here are some black and white interior and wardrobe shots to prove my fascination with the color duo.


Image via our portfolio - Black grasscloth wallpaper from Phillip Jeffries works in this room because there is so much natural light pouring in — and the white ceiling and trim work are a nice contrast.


Image via our portfolio- The black painted door provides some drama to the otherwise typical entry way.  The black and white accessories bring in the finishing touches to complete the small space.

4c3e178c07e8f2e0202f39692dda913d – Gingham is back for the upcoming spring and summer seasons, and I am loving it in black and white!


Designed by Lee Kleinhelter – I’m swooning over this room — the wallpaper on the ceiling, those beds, pendant lights..Hermes….


Nordstrom – Combining the two colors in a stripe always wins my heart over.


Designed by Meredith Heron – High gloss black cabinetry paired with brass hardware and marble makes for a winning combination in this kitchen.


Image via Mark D. Sikes - One of my favorite looks of all time — the color and shape of this dress flatters any body type.


Image via Pinterest – I typically wouldn’t think to paint a nursery black but it works in this space, and has become one of my all time favorite nurseries.


Designed by evars + anderson – classic black and white scheme and I love every piece of it


Image via Pinterest – I love the drop waist dress. It is such a classy look, especially this one on actress Jennifer Connelly.


Mark Sikes’ bedroom, image via La Dolce Vita, looks so light and comfortable that I don’t think I would want to leave. I love the canopy bed and the choice of cream fabric to add elegance.


This powder room is amazing!  Designed by Jessica Waks, it has a ton of winning combinations – The black and white wallpaper from Thibaut, the brass hardware and lighting, and the green accessories.  Perfection!


This entry way has black wainscoting but somehow paired with the white staircase and ceiling the room still feels so light and inviting.  I love what this designer has done to create an dramatic entry way – photo via Pinterest.


Image via Atlantic-Pacific – Blair’s outfit is even a little inspiration for the color duo

Maybe you want to try a little black and white in your home or wardrobe, but don’t necessarily want to put it on your walls…I totally get it ;) Here are a few ways to implement the colors into your life with little boldness needed.

Black & White.001


directors chair / cutting board / striped wallpaper / topshop clutch / porcelain bowls /

scalloped hem top / golden sheaf lamp / heart flats / wood tray / jonathan adler side table

Image 2-21-14 at 2.18 PM

Safari Style: For The Home

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

It seems I’m still stuck halfway between home and South Africa as my body seems to think it’s still seven hours ahead and not quite with it yet. My mind is still thinking about this amazing country and admiring the yummy treasures we found. As I am looking through our goodies I’m left trying to find the perfect spot for them. I’ve always loved african inspired home decor so  quite happy I was able to find such amazing pieces while on the trip. I love that every time I look at them I will remember our time there. Below are a few of our finds.



My better half had to have a mask and so this is the guy that won out


Fell in love with this large hand carved bowl made out of ebony


There was just something about this drum that made me take him home with us


These plates are made of stone and hand carved


We bought this painting from a man on the beach by the name of Daniel. Can’t wait to have it framed and hung on the wall.


These small oval plates are also made out of stone and hand carved like the set of 3 above. I think they will find the perfect home in my guest bathrooms                                               _________________________________________________________________

Below are some ideas on how you can bring african inspired pieces into your home without having to travel halfway around the world.

Safari for Home.001 Safari for Home.002 Safari for Home.003

1. Arne Norell Leather Chair | 2. Brass Elephant| 3. Leopard Pillows | 4. Tusks | 5. Beaded African Fulani | 6. Rattan Patio Set | 7. Brass Bamboo Tray | 8. Mud Cloth Pillow | 9. African Kuba Pillow | 10. Kuba Cloth Pillow | 11. Brass Ibex Bookends  | 12. Zebra Stool | 13. Canoe Basket


Festive Prints: Fashion and Home

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Scarf Inspired fashion and home.001Scarf Inspired fashion and home.002

Scarf Inspired fashion and home.003


Now that it’s warming up and we are entering the spring season, I will definitely be adding a few of these scarf inspired looks into my wardrobe and home.  I’m loving the idea of scarf print shorts as well as using scarves in frames to display their beautiful patterns in your home.


top images – fashion and home

1.  //  2.  //  3.  //  4.  //  5.  //  6.  //  7.  //  8.  //  9.  //  10.  //

11.  //  12.  //  13.  //  14.  //  15.  //  16.  //  17.  //  18.//

Tumbler / Throw blanket / coffee mug / knob / napkins / throw pillows

makeup bag / framed scarves

Image 2-21-14 at 2.18 PM